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    The company Surtees Railway Supplies (Pty) Ltd (S.R.S.),
    first called Surtees & Son (Pty) Ltd., was established
    in 1950 by Arthur Surtees

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Connect Locomotives And Railway Equipment For Optimised Performance

Complex Railway IoT Made Simple. Managing your railway competitively means connecting to your equipment and data driven decision making. As Railway Internet of Things (IoT) experts, ZTR has created cost effective and flexible solutions to get you connected and drive efficiency in your operations from locomotives and rail cars, to maintenance and yard equipment. The ZTR Railway IoT solutions easily integrate with locomotive equipment and your business systems with rugged hardware, responsive user interface, and an advanced data network. From simple asset tracking and remote monitoring solutions, to full health diagnostics for your locomotives and industrial railway equipment, we can help ensure that all of your assets are optimised for better performance through data driven decision-making.

Surtees Railway Supplies is the ZTR partner for Africa.

Surtees Railway Supplies

Head Office
93 Whitworth Road, Heriotdale
PO Box 40178, Cleveland, 2022, RSA
Tel: +27 (0)11 626 3516
Fax: +27 (0)11 626 1171

IHHA Conference 2017 - ZTR Control Systems
IHHA Conference 2017 - ZTR Control Systems

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26 April 2019